Relaxed Awkward – a performance for a stairwell, Danielle Arnaud, 2014


Relaxed Awkward performance

Performance for two choristers in a Stairwell. With their eyes closed, one chorister incants the word Relaxed on the F# above middle C, the other incants Awkward on the E a seventh above this and sounding more taught and tense. Between each word, they imagine a pendulum swinging very slowly through the space. This sets the rhythm. A timekeeper calls ‘End’ after 10 minutes.

The further lines of the harmony are from Absolute Pitch II  in the downstairs gallery.

Raphael - Awkward Relaxed 2


Performed by Rochester Cathedral Choristers. Devised by Richard Glover and Louisa Fairclough. From a body of work commissioned by Whitstable Biennale and ICIA University of Bath.

Danielle Arnaud, London, 19 September 2014